One of my favorite things about IKEA's SEKTION kitchen cabinet system is the fact that you can use it anywhere, not just the kitchen.  A recent project by THE Creative in Chicago is a great example. Check it out below.  

A custom hutch in Chicago using Kokeena walnut on top. 

A custom hutch in Chicago using Kokeena walnut on top. 

This custom hutch is made by mounting a row of base cabinets and horizontal uppers on the wall. The uppers are clad in walnut from Kokeena, while the base uses white doors from IKEA. It's a nice example of how well the two door systems can blend together on IKEA's cabinets.   

One detail I really like is the waterfall countertop used on the base.  If you look closely, you can see the same black countertop from the kitchen is used on top of the hutch base...but look even closer, and you can see that the countertop actually "falls" down the sides of the hutch, too.  This can also be a great effect on a kitchen island.

Design-wise, this hutch makes a big impact on the feel of the room, partly because of the way it creates a visual flow, extending the look of the kitchen out to the dining room.   

As always, we'd love to work with you on your project, whether you're a homeowner, a designer, contractor doing retrofit renovation work, or an architect creating entirely new spaces. And, because all of our doors and panels are made in a modern, CNC-enabled production facility, we can customize door and panel sizes as needed. We can even make custom boxes if you need something special, like an open cabinet that is finished on the inside to match the outside. 

AuthorAaron Gray