Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the questions we're most often asked about our products and how they work with IKEA cabinets.  If you don't find the answers you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask us directly.  Who knows, maybe your question will make it onto our FAQ's page! 


Do you make panels, too? 

Yes!  We make everything you need to finish out your IKEA cabinet project: doors, drawer fronts, side (and top and bottom) panels, toe kick, filler, trim, refer panels and dishwasher panels.  We even make shelves! 

Are your doors MDF?

Most of our doors do not use MDF.  MDF doesn't have the dimensional stability we'd like for use as a core in our slab style doors.  Instead, we use a very-high-density recycled wood product that is more dimensionally stable and more moisture resistant than both plywood and MDF.  The one exception is the center panels in our 5-piece panel doors; these are MDF ply (wood veneer over MDF).  MDF ply is a good choice here because the panel is captured by the rails and stiles so it can't warp and the edges are not exposed to moisture.  In addition, the wood veneer accepts paint much more nicely than raw MDF.  

Are your doors solid wood? 

Yes and no.  Panel (shaker- and ogee-style) doors have solid wood rails and stiles with ply panels.  Slab doors are made of a very-high-density recycled wood product covered with a high-quality veneer of real wood.  The high-density recycled wood product used in Kokeena's doors has better warp-resistance than plywood or MDF with moisture resistance that beats anything we've seen.  It's an ideal material for kitchen cabinet doors and we love its sustainability credentials, too.  

Why don't you use solid wood on your slab doors? 

Three reasons.  First, solid wood slab doors are very dimensionally unstable.  "Dimensionally unstable" is a technical way of saying "they're guaranteed to warp."  Second, solid wood slab doors would be exorbitantly expensive.  You'd probably fall over if you saw the price.  Third, solid wood slab doors would use a lot more virgin wood than a veneer door does.  We're committed to sustainability, and as such, we believe making solid wood slab doors is not the best way to manage and preserve stocks of in-demand wood species.  

Are your doors full of formaldehyde? 

No.  As part of our commitment to sustainability, we use wood and adhesive products that contain no added formaldehyde and are low-VOC.  We can't say they have no formaldehyde because formaldehyde is naturally occurring, so they contain whatever tiny little bit is naturally occurring.  Which is to say, not much. 

Are your finishes environmentally friendly? 

Yes.  Kokeena has an unshakable commitment to sustainability.  Our primary finish is a no-VOC conversion varnish.  The results are incredible, and your conscience is clear.   

Can you do custom paint colors? 

Absolutely!  There's an additional, per-project fee for custom paint colors.  We'll send you a sample for your sign-off before painting your project, so you can make sure it's perfect. 

Can you make doors with Glass? 

Yes!  We can make make any of our door styles ready for inserts.  We will ship you the door "ready-for-glass" and you can install your own glass.  We're happy to discuss options with you.  

How long is your warranty? 

IKEA offers its own warranty for the carcasses and hardware.  Most of Kokeena's casework is warranted for 5 years.  Read more