Natural Wood. Natural Variations. 

The beauty of wood is that no two pieces look exactly alike, and yet you know instantly when you're looking at Oak instead of Fir or Ash instead of Walnut.  It's this variety - this natural difference between pieces of the same species of wood - that makes wood so beautiful and desirable in the first place.  Think about it for a moment.  If every piece of Walnut looked exactly the same, then your doors would look "printed" instead of "grown."  And your Walnut kitchen would look like every other Walnut kitchen.  Thankfully, nature has provided us with a natural bounty.   And we at Kokeena celebrate this bounty and the natural variety that makes every piece of wood unique.   We love wood!

We do, however, work to make sure that every species we sell meets a certain set of criteria that we have defined with our suppliers.  Every Walnut door we sell will fall within those criteria, and will look like Walnut from Kokeena.  Every piece of Rift White Oak that we sell will look like Rift White Oak from Kokeena, and may look different than Rift White Oak from another source.   

Further, we work closely with our cabinet manufacturing partners to ensure that all of the doors and panels in a single order come from the same batch of wood, so that variability is minimized within a single project, and to ensure that your kitchen looks like the casework all came from the same tree.  

Of course, wood is still wood, and there will still be some variety in grain pattern and coloration, even in a single batch of wood.  And, you can expect that the coloration of your wood will change imperceptibly over time.  Wood reacts to light in various ways depending on the species, the stain and the finish.  Sometimes it darkens.  Sometimes it yellows.  Sometimes it bleaches.  But it always changes.  

And that is the unique beauty of wood.