Quality + Sustainability = Good Business

Kokeena is committed to sustainable business practices that benefit the consumer as well as the planet.  While our practices and methods change and evolve over time, what's constant is our dedication to sourcing products and materials that allow us to deliver uncompromising quality without compromising sustainability. 

Finishing Products

Kokeena specifies low impact paints and finishes.  From low- and no-VOC paints to no-VOC conversion varnishes, finishing products and techniques are selected for the best combination of durability and sustainability. 

Wood Products and Practices

We are committed not only to the use of sustainably harvested wood, but also to sustainable practices in materials usage during production.  Steps are taken to minimize wasted material during the making of your doors.  We also accept that wood is a naturally variable product and recognize that over-selecting for "perfect" grain is not a sustainable practice, and is detrimental to the the longevity of the species.  Our grain quality specifications are stringent enough to allow us to offer beautiful, high-quality goods, while still allowing for the variability inherent in each species.  

Wood fiber, plant fiber and wood ply products are used as a way of minimizing the use of virgin wood species, which helps prevent over-harvesting. Fiber and ply products are made from recycled wood and plant fiber and do not contain added formaldehyde.   


Many of our doors use wood grain veneers glued to a green ply or fiber backing. The glues used by Kokeena in this process are low-VOC.  

Product availability and best practices change over time.  We are committed to working with our partners and suppliers on an ongoing basis to ensure we are leading the way providing high-quality, high-style, low impact products.