The Modernist (plain sawn), and its off-menu cousin The Ultramodernist (rift cut), has always been one of our top sellers.  Walnut just never seems to go out of style. But, lately we've felt like our walnut doors weren't quite hitting the mark anymore.  Something was missing; they needed an option to modernize them even further.

So, we did what we do...we tried a bunch of things that didn't work.  After a lot of experimentation, we think we've landed on something pretty spectacular...and we're introducing black glaze as an option on all of our walnut doors, including The Modernist / Ultramodernist and The Woodsman.  Our shorthand for this new option is Black Walnut. 

Kokeena's The Modernist in Black Walnut (walnut finished with a black glaze) takes this mid-century remodel to the next level, adding sharper contrast to the walnut grain and dulling some of the yellows in natural walnut.   

Look for Black Glaze to show up soon as an option when ordering samples of rift- or plain-sawn walnut.  And check out the customer gallery for more pictures of the mid-century kitchen featured here. 

About Kokeena

Kokeena is a custom manufacturer of doors and casework for IKEA's various cabinet systems, including the popular SEKTION system for kitchens. We sell direct to consumer and to the trade, with specialized services tailored to the needs of designers and architects.  Ordering "on-menu" is usually the fastest way to get your project done.  But, because we're a made-to-order custom manufacturer, we can follow you anywhere your imagination takes you.  

AuthorAaron Gray