Working with Kokeena 

Our mission is to simplify the process of customizing IKEA's kitchen system; to make it dead simple to upgrade from IKEA cabinets to "custom cabinets" without giving up the cost benefits of using IKEA's modular system.  So we strive to make working with Kokeena as easy as possible.  Designing and remodeling a kitchen can be stressful.  We know - we've done it!  We don't mind if you want three or four different quotes.  And we certainly won't mind if you change your mind a few times.  We've been there before.  If you have lots of questions, that's ok, too!  We're here to help.  We want you to love your kitchen.  

How Kokeena Works

Kokeena partners with with established custom cabinet shops who have earned a reputation for quality and craftsmanship.  Every Kokeena door is made to order, according to our exacting specifications, by our partners.  We don't keep any doors "in stock."  When you place an order with Kokeena, one of our partners makes your doors especially for you.  We do this to ensure that the doors for your project all come from the same batch of wood - so the coloration and grain quality is the same on every panel.  This approach also allows us to match the grain across multiple doors and drawer fronts (which is also why we need to see your IKEA kitchen plan - so we get the grain matching right).  Once ready, your order will be packaged and shipped to you by the shop partner who made your doors.  

Getting Quotes

Ready to get pricing on a door (or two or three) that you like?  It's easy!  Just click "Get a Quote" under the door you like and give us some basic information.  We'll follow up with you within 24 hours with instructions on how to share your IKEA kitchen plan or architectural drawings with us, which we will use to price the door (or doors) you're interested in.  We'll probably have some questions, so we'll keep in touch over email.  Within a few days we'll have pricing for you, including freight (if any).  

There is a minimum order of $2000. 

Buying Samples

It's a good idea to buy a sample of the grain, paint or laminate that you're considering for your project.  Our samples are large enough for you to get a feel for the how the color or the grain pattern will "play" in your project with the other materials you're considering.  Samples can be purchased from the website.  Expect them to arrive in about two weeks.  

Placing Your Order

Once you've settled on a door and made all the final tweaks to your plan, we'll prepare the final manufacturing order that will be used by the shop to make your doors. We'll update pricing if you've made any changes to your plan or changed any specifications from the quote.  We'll provide an itemized order sheet for your review so you can ensure everything on your order is just right.  To start making your doors, we'll take a 50% deposit on the order.  Once we've received your deposit, we'll provide you with a "ready-to-ship" date (when the doors will be ready to ship) and an approximate delivery date.  Final payment is due before doors can be delivered.  Be sure to read our Order Terms

Lead Times

"Lead time" is the amount of time it takes from order to "ready-to-ship."   Lead times can be impacted by many factors, including availability of materials, time of year (busy season / slow season), and special order requests.  Generally, lead times run four to six weeks; during the busy season, this can sometimes stretch to eight weeks.  We'll always give you a firm "ready-to-ship" date at the time of order.  

Receiving Your Order

Kokeena doors will be delivered to you in one of the following ways: 

  • Portland, Oregon Area
    If your project is in the Portland area you can pick up your order will-call at our NW Portland shop (there is no delivery or handling charge for will-call pickup).  Alternately, we can arrange a for local delivery service to deliver your order to your project site, for a fee.  Someone from Kokeena will reach out to coordinate a delivery day and time.  You will need to be at the project site to receive the delivery.  Read more.  
  • Outside of Portland, Oregon
    We'll work with you to arrange for the most cost-effective motor freight option to your location. While it's possible to deliver to your door, it's less expensive for you to pick up your order will-call at the nearest freight terminal. 
  • Small Orders
    We're not currently accepting orders smaller than $2000.    


Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few other things you should bear in mind as you plan your project:

  • Because each order is custom - made specifically for you - there are no returns.  Each of our partners does, however, provide warranty service for defects in material or workmanship, including warpage.  
  • Wood has natural variations in grain and color.  These variations are not considered defects.  Read more about the natural variations in wood, and how we work to make sure you get what you're looking for.  
  • Most of Kokeena's doors come with a five year warranty


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