Not into DIY Installation? (We aren't, either.)

A quality installation makes the difference between a kitchen you love and a kitchen you lurrrve.  Good installers do things like scribing panels to fit perfectly flush and plumb against walls that ripple and slope.  You've probably never looked that closely at your walls, but they're definitely not plumb.  Or flat.  And nothing highlights imperfections in a wall like a square panel laid up flush against it without scribing. 

These installers have worked with our customers on their projects and we've heard good things back.  We'll continue to add to this list as we develop more trusted resources.  We're building a list of designers we trust, too. 


Portland, Oregon

New York / New Jersey

Washington, DC

  • David Thomas, DE Thomas Remodeling, Inc. 240-882-7072

GA, NC, SC, TN, AL and FL Panhandle