Paint Collection. Classic & Timeless.

Painted wood doors for IKEA cabinets.  Create a steady, confident, classically stylish room, whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, or living room.  
 Our paint finish is something special — smooth & supple.  You have to feel it to believe it. 


The Minimalist

Slab Door | Modern White Paint

A modern door that looks gorgeous but lets other elements of your design take center stage.  

The Minimalist looks especially good when you combine it with something organic, like a butcher block detail or vintage fir floors.  Stainless appliances, anyone? 

Available in any of our standard paint colors or we can custom-match the color of your choice.

All Kokeena doors come pre-bored and ready to install on IKEA cabinets.  

Modern English

Panel Door | Folkstone Paint

This versatile painted panel door works well in traditional kitchen designs and in modern designs that draw on traditional elements.  

Combine it with stainless appliances, dark counters and a glass tile backsplash and you've got a modernist design that fits right into a traditional English or Colonial-style home.  

Looks great in our other standard colors, too: Modern White, Antique White and Slate. Check out our paint samples or get in touch to talk about custom-matching the color of your choice. 

All Kokeena doors come pre-bored and ready to install on IKEA cabinets.  

Old English

Ogee Panel Door | Modern White Paint

This door revives the classic ogee panel detail common in many early 20th century house styles. 

If you're doing a period-inspired kitchen in anything from a 1912 bungalow to 1922 English, or a 1938 colonial, this is the door for you.  The ogee detail on the inside edge of our Old English door is drawn directly from the interior doors seen in many classic homes in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Kitchen cabinets in these houses were typically painted white, and we love the look of our Modern White paint on this door.  That said, any of our paint colors will look sharp and we're happy to custom-match the color of your choosing. 

All Kokeena doors come pre-bored and ready to be installed on IKEA cabinets.